About Hue Thuong Vietnamese Cuisine​

The Hue region of Vietnam is home to thinkers, alchemists and artists who use rice flour as their chosen medium. Hue Thuong should be considered both a laboratory and a master's gallery of these arts, as its dishes are mostly rearrangements of the starch mixed into batter since Little Saigon is slightly too far to explore on the regular a best Vietnamese food, so Hue Thuong’s restaurant has to seize this opportunity to dine on the best Vietnamese food this side of the Pacific.

At Hue Thuong, we serve authentic Hue Dishes such as Bun Bo Hue, Banh Canh, Banh Beo Chen/Dia, Banh Bot Loc, Mi Quang, Com Ga Roti, Com Bo Luc Lac, Mit Tron Xuc Banh Trang, Bun Mit are available at Hue Thuong while popular Vietnamese Dishes such as Pho, Pho Filet Mignon and various Pork Chop and Chicken Rice dishes are also served at Hue Thuong.

This restaurant has the best Bun Bo Hue (Beef noodle soup:spicy or non-spicy), Mi Quang (Egg noodle w/ pork & shrimp: spicy) and Banh Beo (small rice flour cake: in 8 small dishes or 1 big plate). On the weekend, during lunch hours, it gets extremely busy and you need to go on the waiting list. The restaurant is small, yet the food is worth the wait.

Cool off with the Goi Mit Xuc Banh Trang, a tart and crunchy salad made with peanuts, mint and young jackfruit chopped up to masquerade as pork. Use the crispy rice crackers as both your scooping utensil and crouton.

Steamed in tiny saucers, they're called Banh Beo. The Banh Beo are eaten after they're splashed with fish sauce, scooped out by the teaspoonful as though they were cups of dessert gelatin. However, they are merely blank canvases with pulverized shrimp, shards of deep-fried onion, oil-wilted scallions and pieces of pork rind top them, applied for a genius stroke of color and a heady rush of textures. Did we mention the things are only appetizers? After you've traipsed down the rice-flour path, you'll encounter one of the finest bowls of Bun Bo Hue in Little Saigon. Also, come and taste a bowl of PHO at Hue Thuong, it is the best that you never taste anywhere else per our customer said.

With a tall cup of Roasted Bean Drink, you will come back to Hue Thuong for more, because it is that delicious and special.

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